Success Story – My Buddy Gary

I would say 35 years ago I met a really good friend, my buddy Gary.

Today he is my hero.

For over 35 years we have had a small group of buddies who played golf on a regular basis. Over the years we made getting together pretty regular and then for about ten years we got together only every few years.

Well, one evening we were out for Mexican food and I ran into my long time golfing buddy, Gary. We reconnected and he told me something surprising.

He Retired – at 54!

We chatted and he sheepishly told me what happened. He was almost embarrassed that he was Financially Free! Gary and I set up a golf game, just him and me, and he told me how he did it. Pretty Simple.

First he said, I had one wife, that worked, so we always had two incomes. Then when he got out of the Coast Guard they purchased a house that they still live in today. One of the smarter things they did was not buy into the bigger house idea once they had some money saved up.

Their expenses were low and the savings were high. Pretty soon they started investing. Still, two incomes, one house.

Then, they had two kids. As Gary puts it, one smart one, one not so smart. I have met both kids and they are great. And both kids were honored with scholarships, one academically and one athletically. So, Gary and his wife dodged a financial bullet there.

Then as luck would have it for Gary his employer offered him a retirement package as they were going through a downsizing. Timing was right and so was the offer, Gary was officially retired, and with style.

Gary is playing four rounds of golf a week, now has a nice house in Palm Desert where he “winters” and enjoys good food and all of his buddies at the “club.”

Everyone’s happy.

Except me of course. Gary is playing so much golf now, I can’t beat him anymore. Gary has gotten so good at putting (he was always good) his buddies at the club won’t play him for money anymore on the putting green.

I can’t tell you how happy I am for Gary and his family. They are well set, well invested and have everything going for them, including their health.

Pretty simple what Gary and his wife did. They stayed the course, saved and invested and wisely spent their money and their time. And you know something Gary always had a great time and was and happy.

And today he’s really happy, because he is a golfing, putting machine. (And taking money off his buddies, too.)

So, let’s review what Gary and his wife did.

They always had two incomes.
Saved and invested every year, with a financial game plan.
Made a smart home purchase and stayed there. (its paid for)
Resisted unnecessary luxuries, like the big house.
Got, lucky, had two kids that were honored scholarships.
Kept it up for 30 years, and now are relaxed without any worries.

Pretty simple. Way to go Gary!