The Masters of Time

There are some greats we have all heard of Frank Lloyd Wright, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison. And there are so many that we have not heard of that do the exact same thing – Master Time.

When you look at Warren Buffett, now 85 or so, you can look at his accomplishments and ask, “how did he do that?” Mr. Buffett’s current net worth is approximately, $47 billion dollars.

He acquired such great wealth not by creating businesses, but by buying them.

Mr. Buffet did this because it was the most time efficient way to grow his fortune.

To my latest research Mr. Buffett owns part or all of well over 500 companies. Some of these companies are Fortune 100 companies.

Yeah, think about that.

(As an example CVS generates $140 billion in revenue each year and is growing.)

The question is how did he acquire these companies from a time perspective. First he had to find the companies to buy, then he had to understand them and then, then negotiate to purchase them, then close. Whew, I am just tired thinking about it.

Oh, but the benefits of those purchases.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Americas most famous architect produced an enormous amount of work. Thousands of buildings. Yes, over a very long career of over 60 plus years, but the efficiency is so impressive. Just think about it, all of the residences, city halls, courthouses, furniture, rugs, even museums. (Mr. Wright executed the Guggenheim Museum in New York when he was 88 years old.) The big solution for him was his little known team.

A great Golden Goose is a Master of Time.

One reason is that they understand the benefits.

Time is money for one. And why not do more in life than less. Plus the sooner you get efficient with you time or Master your time, the sooner time can work for you.

One of the main reasons the worlds Wealthiest own businesses, apartment complexes, and other income generating assets is Financial Freedom. It’s liberating in every way. Mr. Buffett acquires some of the most interesting businesses and garnishes the profits from those businesses so he can purchase more great businesses, thus growing his fortune.

Now Bill Gates is currently the worlds wealthiest man. He now spends his time spending his money to cure the worlds woes, like polio and malaria.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has so much money and generates so much more money through its investments it cannot spend all of the money it has on all of the needy projects they study. They simply just can’t spend it fast enough. And they have 2,000 employees working on it!

What Mastering of Time does is allows you to focus on accomplishing things that count, as fast as possible. Not in a reckless way, but an efficient way.

All of these people have Mastered Time and arrange their lives this way. For example, they have no money worries, because they arranged it that way.

Have you ever noticed that most wealthy people are up early, drink little, and take a proactive approach to their health. One of those reasons is time. They have no desire to waste time and being in good health gives you better quality of time, energy, endurance and longevity.

Recently, I was introduced to a business consultant who generates on average $150,000 per month working Monday thru Friday between 9 am to Noon. That’s right 3 hours a day, five days a week and makes $150,000 on average per month. Now that is figuring out how to maximize your time.

Be honest though, success take time.

Let’s assume you are in college or even younger and planning to go to college. How about now, you start making a schedule that will allow you to become successful in your endeavors so you own your time instead of time owning you. For giggles, write down what you have to do, then write down what you have to do to get that done. Then assign the time required to produce those things.

Hey, that’s the beginning of making a plan.

And that’s a big hint for good time management, set a goal, make a plan, then refine that plan.

I think you get the idea.

Join the Masters of Time, and prosper my friend.