JR M. from Southern California

Hey, having grown kids in their 20′s that are smart, polite and eager to be successful is a godsend. Now its time to smarten them up financially. My parents did not discuss financial matters growing up and now that my kids are ready to learn I am eager to share with them Richard’s book, “How to Become a Golden Goose.” Together we can go over the stories and lessons in the book and make a game plan for each of them (me included) for our futures. One thing that I think will get the point across are some of the great stories in the book, like Richard’s “Newspaper Man” a very nice gentleman and family that from the farmlands of Nebraska whom amassed ownership of 179 newspapers in the 60′s 70′s and 80′s. A great story of starting with two nickels and turning those two nickels into millions. It’s a great story and inspiring for anyone. Do yourself and your kids future a favor and read his book, “How to Become a Golden Goose,” you will be glad you did.