Now You Can Learn the
Methods, Habits, Traits and Strategies of the
Wealthy and Successful

Dear Friend,

We have all asked ourselves questions about what the wealthy are doing. It’s natural, we are curious types and want to understand the methods, habits and secrets of the highly successful and wealthy. Good group to study.

You might even be saying, I sure would like to know what they do and how they got wealthy, . . . . . so I can too.

So, what is it that they do,
that You can do?

Hi, my name is Richard Denzer.

I’am an architect of a couple of decades working with these successful and wealthy over achievers.

Over the years I have worked with some extra ordinary people that were very successful and very wealthy and in some cases very powerful.


The total project amount over the years that I have designed, built and been involved with is just over $7 billion dollars. Worked with Prime Ministers, Heads of States, Presidents of Countries, Multimillionaires, Billionaires, CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s. When you do this work you are hanging around with some pretty smart folk. And what is really surprising are the habits of the these very successful and often times very, very wealthy people.

So, if you want to know what these habits, secrets, methods, and traits are of these very wealthy and successful men and women, you will enjoy my new book . . .

“How to Become a Golden Goose”

You know the fable about the Golden Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. We have heard that fable before we were able to buy our first ice cream. After many years of working with and for the wealthy and successful I began to see the common traits of the these powerhouse people that were for some reason able to do just amazing things.

Some of their accomplishments were Outlandish.

I don’t know about you but this last recession, was a blistering challenge. And to be honest I still have the scars to remind me. Got me to thinking and looking and reading and writing.

And the question I asked myself was,
“What am I doing Wrong Here?”

Well, the answer for me is probably the same for you. I was doing a few things I shouldn’t and not doing some things I should.

In, short I was not that far off when I compared myself to my very wealthy and successful friends and colleagues. Good news, I could fix it. So, I did.

What’s interesting about the Wealthy and Successful is they do very few things they should not and a whole lot of things they should.

Just like a Golden Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

If you or someone you love is just missing the mark, and really suffering because of it, this book could be the book that turns things around in a hurry.

Now if you are a parent this is a great book for you and your kids. Get those little monsters on the right track as soon as possible, as soon as you can. Save them the agony of trial and error when the necessary habits, traits and methods for a great life are right here. And the fantastic thing is these habits, traits and methods are so easy, so simple.

Sure, it takes work and focus, yet they are doable for anyone.

Matter of fact some of the wealthiest people I know aren’t that spectacular, but they do follow the Golden Goose rules and do so, all of the time.

The simple mistakes I made early in my life . . . . ouch, hurts just thinking about it. Look my intentions were good and I had no intention of hurting myself or wasting valuable time or taking the wrong path or making the wrong decision. As I look back, it was obvious where I erred.

Unfortunately, I unintentionally cooked some valuable time. Missed some giant opportunities. Some were pretty subtle. And I am sure you are thinking the same thing. Yup, blew some years hear and there, and before you knew it that was 12 years of valuable time without much to show for it.

You know what really got me, was during this last recession I watched how “the really wealthy” profited and how the “not really wealthy” did not. Did you get that “the really wealthy” vs. “the not really wealthy.”

Then I started to get it, . . . . “they arranged it that way.”

After all of these years standing and working right beside them, I finally got it, it clicked and everything changed.

And the solution was right in front of me.

And it is most easily told using our Golden Goose fable, because it shows the end game . . . .

. . . . The Goose that keeps laying those Golden Eggs

So, I wrote this book, “How to Become a Golden Goose.”

So, if your goals are a comfortable life where money is plentiful, keep reading.

If you want to become a billionaire, keep reading. The methods are the same.

Unfortunately, as I looked back my intentions were good, but my plan was just awful. Please understand I have had some great successes that I am very proud of. However, what I could have done and what I did were two very different things.

After twenty years of trial and error I finally understood the ways of the Golden Goose (the Wealthy and Successful) and of course now live that way. These methods and strategies of the Golden Goose are simple and have been proven over centuries.

Every Golden Goose does these same things, and what is really interesting, they all do all of them.

These highly successful and happy people all do these things because it is essential to being successful and achieving their goals. They know not doing these things will keep the door shut to success and wealth and doing them will keep the door open.

Just that simple.

That’s why they are so successful, so wealthy, they do the right things.


The ways of the Golden Goose are pretty simple, common sense methods, and fundamental concepts that are easy to do, but so many of us miss, only because we didn’t know these simple secrets or the sequence.

The great thing about this system is, you can start right now, and no money is needed to start. Immediately, you will change, immediately you will have created a game plan, and immediately you will see improvement. Immediately, you will get better, smarter, stronger, healthier, and have better people around you that are doing the same.

When I took a look at what I was doing wrong, there were a couple of fundamental things that were making it impossible for me to be successful and achieve my goals. Once, I got those fundamentals turned around, my life changed completely. What was so great about it, it was easy. Now I am working less, and making more, much more money with the future the same and getting better.

How fast can it go?

Right away. Once you get your first read in on “How to Become a Golden Goose,” you can start putting the lessons to work. They are simple and in some cases eyeopening, as in “no wonder . . . . .” eyeopening.

Let’s imagine how good you will feel when you learn these simple habits of the Golden Goose.

The items that are holding you back are now in reach of being solved, and you can taste your success. You see the future of your good health, wealth and abundance. It can be a life changing event. It was for me. All I had to do was make some minor adjustments and bang, things changed.

In a short period of time I was acquiring new business like never before and I was turning down work that did not match my criteria. I was getting smarter, stronger, wiser and I was acting wiser and smarter. Now everything is on track and I am working less, with more income and greater ease.

You are probably asking why the Golden Goose?

It’s simple, we all understand and have heard the Golden Goose fable. Amazingly, all of the Wealthy and Successful people are these Golden Geese. They all live with the benefits that the Golden Goose provides. How they became Golden Geese is simple, they built themselves into a Golden Goose with the same identical habits and ways.

I can say this because in my life and years of business here in the US and around the world I have met and done business with very wealthy and powerful people, some are Presidents of Countries, Prime Ministers, Heads of State, Billionaires, Millionaires, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s in hundreds of businesses.

From these working relationships I have compiled the solution for becoming a Golden Goose. Showing you the amazing and simple secrets of these extraordinary people whom have gotten unbelievable results and accomplished these results in what I consider to be, very short time frames. One of the keys here is time, and how a smart Golden Goose takes full advantage of time.

And let me tell you,
They all take Full advantage of Time.


This book is written in a fun step by step story format that will provide you some of the most rewarding information you will always cherish and appreciate. So, if you like being entertained and educated at the same time this book is for you.

Some of the tips, strategies, methods, and habits of the Wealthy and Successful that are inside this ebook include:

How, how the Golden Goose uses Repeat business to build his business is a key strategy. Understand the benefits, and there are many to Repeat business and why most Golden Geese only go after Repeat business.

Find out why Time Management is such a Focus of the Successful and Wealthy. See how important and how much time the Golden Goose takes in managing his time, today, tomorrow, next week and years beyond.

Gain the Mastery of the Cascading Money Flow that brings Financial Freedom. This simple and obvious method or system is mandatory for all wealth creation. Learn how earning income is just the first step.

See How the Golden Geese Master the Use of Time. Most people do it the other way around. The Golden Goose puts time to work for them. Once you see the benefits of time you will always work and live this way.

Ever Notice the Wealthy and Successful have Wealthy and Successful friends? Good reason, these Golden Geese fly in a flock and they do everything together, like invest, share information, refer people and generally enjoy one another as piers and friends. Its a smart way to go and its “safe.”

Have you Noticed that the Wealthy and Successful have people that work for them, work with them and prosper? Sure, and for good reason, its profitable to Get Along with People. Learn the secrets of the Wealthy and Successful and how they “get along” with people. Its easier than you think.

Making It Count is a way of the Wealthy and Successful, a true trait of the Golden Goose. They spend time only on things that count. See how they research and find the best opportunities to spend time and money on.

In working with People the Golden Goose uses the “The No Drama Rule.” Find out how the Golden Goose runs from drama and politely keeps people and situations of drama at a distance, like far away in the horizon, never to be seen, or heard from.

“Only Bet When You Can Win” strategy is all Golden Goose. When they see an opportunity to make a sure bet that is just about guaranteed, they lean into it with their laser beam focus.

Find Out if a Golden Goose would run across the freeway, and why.Inside is a great little quiz of the Golden Goose viewpoints towards risk. Once you read this quiz you will get the Golden Goose viewpoint towards risk and why they are Golden Geese.

Ever notice the Wealthy and Successful people have Emotional Control? Of course they do, its profitable. Get a good understanding of why losing emotional control is a waste of time and taking responsibility for your actions is the way to go, time efficient, on target and profitable.

Taste the benefits of Focus. The Golden Goose has great focus and is rarely distracted. The Golden Goose smells the finish line and can stay on plan. Listen carefully and see the benefits of Focus as the Golden Goose stays on task, building one Golden Goose after another.

When does a Golden Goose prepare? Always. Understand why the Wealthy and Successful are so prepared and how some have teams that are preparing for the next step or the next plan.

Why a Game Plan? Because “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” See how beneficial a game plan is for today, tomorrow, next year, the next five years and the next twenty years.

Why a 20 Year Plan? Inside is a 20 year plan for a graduating architecture student that could easily be a graduating accountant, lawyer, doctor, salesman. See the benefits of this plan and how those first 10 years out of college can set you up for life. (or not, OUCH!)

The Communicator is the Winner! Understand the skill and importance of fantastic communication. To have success or wealth, you must be able to communicate well. Speak well, write well, present well and look well. See how a Great Golden Goose does it all, simple and easy.

Can I Make a Suggestion?

Let’s take a small break.
The skills of a Golden Goose are simple, and once you garnish these skills and utilize the proper sequence of events you are on your way.

Once you capture the habits, . . . . . . . its almost unfair.

Ok, here’s some more benefits . . .

How Charity Work can Get you Hired, and Get you Promoted, and Get you Connected. Where do all the wealthy people congregate? At Charity Events. Be a giver and join in the fun and join these wealthy and successful people. Ever walk into a room and see so many potential mentors, teachers, leaders bursting with invaluable information. Joining the right Charity could lead to a management position and regular contact with these generous Golden Geese.

Your Finances, Your Financial Life are your responsibility, see how the Golden Goose makes these two important items simple and easy to successfully arrange.

“Arrange It That Way,” what a great saying, and guess who it came from? What a Golden Goose does is arrange his life to suit his or her needs. Learn the benefits and simple methods of arranging your life the way you want it.

The Seasons happen every year, it’s always the same. Catch the importance of sequence and how missing a planting in the spring will make for a tough winter, and how a well planned planting can make for an annual winter vacation in Hawaii.

Learning From Women, this is one of my favorites. As guys we know (be honest) the girls are smarter than we are. So, let’s be a smart guy and learn from the girls.

Understanding People is a mystery. Enclosed are some simple and very accurate examples of how different people are and why. When you understand people you can leap forward in your success.

The $100 million dollar man, who is that guy/girl? You can see him a 100 yards away. The posture, the clothes, the presence, even the smile. You meet him and you know he can do it. $100 million dollar project, no problem. Find out how to present yourself as the $100 million dollar person.

Organized are We? Wow, is this important. One thing for sure the Golden Goose spends time on organization. They know how important it is and put their time into it and hire assistants to make sure they are organized. How organized are you?

Does Your Calendar Work? This one I have gotten much better at, and one thing I have noticed is the expertise in which a Golden Goose uses his or her Calendar. I have one CEO that has two people to handle his calendar, and the calendar of his executive staff and another person to handle the company events. Wow, what a tool to master, as the benefits are more time.

Common Ground and gaining common ground is a skill all highly successful people have. It is the roadmap to rapport. Understand the importance of rapport and the use of common ground to achieve it.

Humility is one of the most attractive qualities. People are drawn to it and remember it. Learn the benefits of humility and how long lasting that quality can be for you.

The Unfair Advantage is a goal of every Golden Goose in business. How do you achieve it and how do you get it. Warren Buffet calls it the sustainable competitive advantage. Inside we have a lengthy discussion about the importance and how to create it.

The Rolodex, and Networking is a skill set that requires mastery. It is a requirement of success and the Golden Goose makes it an art form. Read about the benefits and the importance of your Rolodex.

Staying Connected is what a Golden Goose does, because it is polite and profitable. Enjoy some great examples of staying connected and how fun and profitable staying connected can be.

And Much, More . . . .

Such As . . .

How a Golden Goose Invests (its so easy a Ham Sandwich can do it)
Yes, its true investing for a Golden Goose is easy because he prepared for it! When you are unprepared of course its hard. And the real trick to be a Golden Goose Investor . . . . . . . is revealed.

The Golden Goose Method towards Risk is an important lesson and I think we told this story with some fun and good humor as risk is something a Golden Goose minimizes and if possible eliminates. Because really, who needs it.

Three Great Golden Geese, here I reveal three very different Golden Geese. One is a classic simple and successful guy. (my ham sandwich) And one really inspiring Golden Goose himself as he is a creator of Golden Geese (on a regular basis) and one crazy story of a Golden Goose who at a relatively young age created a product we all use everyday and made himself and all his close friends multi millionaires.


Perry H. from Texas

Financial Wisdom can’t be learned too early, trust me. My son is 20 years old now and he is getting into it with the Golden Goose Message. He knows he needs to be better informed on doing the right things so that he will have a great life full of prosperity. So great to have this resource for my son and me too! Wish I had it at his age.

Monica R. from the Inland Empire, California

Richard, thanks for writing this book and wish I could have gotten it sooner, like 15 years sooner. Your writing style is so fun and the stories are great to go along with the lessons. These lessons are so easy to do and now I have my two kids into it too. As you say, you can’t start to soon, because the sooner you start the more time works for you. Thanks again and looking forward to your the next one!

John G. from North of Route 66

My wife and I have a great son, really, and we are thankful. He is 18 years old and very success driven and he has eaten this book “How to Become a Golden Goose” up. He was so excited to start reading it as he craves the right path for everything he does. So, this is something right up his alley. What he really likes about it, is its simplicity and how he can start now. Thanks, Richard for putting this out there.

Rick S. from Southern California

My wife and I are parents to teenage triplet boys. We are blessed and fortunate to have young men who usually listen to their mom and dad for advice as they continue to navigate thru their teenage years on into their adult lives. However, I will be the first to admit that neither my wife nor I have all the answers. That’s why I am so excited they are reading Richard’s book, “How to Become a Golden Goose.”

Richard has done an excellent job of providing a strong message of how to go about venturing out into the world with a game plan vs. feeling lost. This book has a great message on how to listen, learn, and master your approach to living a happy, productive life…….I would think this would be every parents dream. I know it is ours.

Alan S. from North of Los Angeles

Sometimes the obvious is the most difficult thing to see. “How to Become a Golden Goose” re-establishes the importance of common sense, which there seems to be a significant shortage of in today’s world and encourages you to operate smartly and professionally, just like the Wealthy and Successful people do.

Because, really half the battle in life is showing up, so if you go to all the trouble of showing up, like Richard says, “be prepared and take advantage of your opportunities. So, iron your shirt, polish your shoes and give people what they want.” Success and Wealth building, is just that simple.

What a great gift for so many people and every family.

Lauren D. from Southern California

“How to Become a Golden Goose” is a great book for any young professional who is just beginning to make a decent salary. It has many tips on how to save money, and how to prepare for a successful financial future; and it is an easy, interesting read. The way Richard writes is fun, upbeat and sometimes pretty funny, so it makes getting the message fun. Feels great to be on the right path.

Dennise W. from Orange County, California

As a mother of three grown children, all in their 20′s, I am very proud of each one. I do worry about their financial future and this is why Richard’s book, “How to Become a Golden Goose” is so timely and on point. Richard lays out the game plan for success and wealth creation. So much of what he says is obvious, common sense stuff that we all can do, including my kids, right now.

Another great thing is the presentation, pretty fun writing and some pretty funny stories too, which makes the message such a pleasure to receive. Thanks, Richard!

Bill M. from California

Thankfully our kids have made it through college and are employed, and with Richard’s book, “How to Become a Golden Goose” my two kids have a road map of skills to acquire that are tried and true of the successful. Both of our kids have read the book and said, “I can do that.” Knowing my kids I bet they will.

Lori W. from Southern California

What great timing for Richard’s book, “How to Become a Golden Goose.” The timing is so great because all of us are so tight on cash. There never seems to be enough money and all of us in our 20′s and thirties are concerned. We know the economy isn’t that good and Richard’s book really lays it out as to what we should be doing, today and tomorrow. Like he says, “you gotta have a game plan,” and its nice to have one laid out for you.

From my husband and I, thank you, Richard

Cindy R. from South of the 405, Southern California

Being a mother of two young twin girls, you learn pretty quickly that everything will be in two’s. Two cars, two college educations, two weddings, and at the same time. That last part, the same time, is the big one. After reading Richard’s book, “How to Become a Golden Goose” I started to put my financial game plan together. Good news is, I have time, if I start now. And what is even better news, I am able, I can do this and more. All I have to do is just follow the steps, make a plan and do it. What’s so wonderful is, I am sure of it. Thanks, Richard.

JR M. from Southern California

Hey, having grown kids in their 20′s that are smart, polite and eager to be successful is a godsend. Now its time to smarten them up financially. My parents did not discuss financial matters growing up and now that my kids are ready to learn I am eager to share with them Richard’s book, “How to Become a Golden Goose.” Together we can go over the stories and lessons in the book and make a game plan for each of them (me included) for our futures. One thing that I think will get the point across are some of the great stories in the book, like Richard’s “Newspaper Man” a very nice gentleman and family that from the farmlands of Nebraska whom amassed ownership of 179 newspapers in the 60′s 70′s and 80′s. A great story of starting with two nickels and turning those two nickels into millions. It’s a great story and inspiring for anyone. Do yourself and your kids future a favor and read his book, “How to Become a Golden Goose,” you will be glad you did.

David C. from north of Route 66

If love your son or daughter get them this book and read it together.

Everyone will be a winner. My young son is a talented musician and getting going, however as talented as he is I know that is not enough. This book has rung a bell with him, because he knows it too, that music is not enough. To really prosper he needs these tools Richard talks about. The stories are unreal. And they happen every day. That’s what is so great about the message in this story format.

So, if this sounds like you, then you’re clearly serious about your future wealth and success and that’s why this book “How to Become a Golden Goose” might be a good fit for you.

You know, you’re obviously really serious about your success and wealth and I just want to take some time to acknowledge you for that.

Most people never take the time to educate themselves the way you have.

You’re online, you’re reading this, and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now.

That’s why you’re perfect for our new book “How to Become a Golden Goose.” It’s specifically for people like you who want to become wealthy and successful with the your new habits, methods and traits.

What is so great about the Golden Goose system is the simplicity, . . . . . . and this is what each and every Golden Goose is looking for in life, simplicity in achieving goals.

And their first goal is Financial Freedom, because once you have Financial Freedom your opportunities skyrocket along with your happiness.

Ok, Ok,

Richard, what does this new book “How to Become a Golden Goose” Cost?

If all this system did for you was provide you the missing link, that allowed you to achieve the success you are looking for, would that be worth $197 to you?

Picture being able to know how to walk into a room and capture the attention of the wealthy and successful and have them invite you to their next opportunity. Would it be worth $197 to you? Probably More.

Just imagine, you having put together a dream team that captures repeat clients every year providing STABLE profitable income for years and decades to come. The team is so good and performs so well it could be considered, unbeatable. Would that be worth $197 to you?

Of course it would and as you can see, this is an unbelievable value at $197.

We want to make it easy for you to get on your path of success today, so we are selling

“How to Become a Golden Goose” for 1 easy payment of $74.

This represents a 63% savings.

Make it your turn and start prospering today for only
one time payment of $74.

Make the smart move and save yourself some valuable money (63%) and gain this valuable information that will provide you with the secrets of the extremely wealthy and highly successful. Your time is valuable and so is your money. (Two Golden Goose traits.)


DealGuardian guarantees this product's money-back policy

We offer a 30 day 100% guarantee, we invite you take us up on it, because we want to take all of the risk and make this a risk free purchase for you.

So, if you are not thrilled with “How to Become a Golden Goose,” just let us know and, bang, you get your money back, no questions,
no hassles.

To take advantage of this offer and to benefit from the lessons of great Golden Geese, take action as soon as you can so you get the results for yourself, immediately.


I am a big believer that if more people knew how the Golden Goose, thinks, lives, acts works, chooses, arranges and just enjoys his or her life, and family to the utmost, more people would be happier, safer and saner enjoying their new prosperity, financial freedom and health. And providing that gives me great pleasure.

Wouldn’t it be great seeing thousands of people gaining financial freedom, health and happiness in their lives in a shortened time frame. And they can start right away, just like you.

Here are some more reasons to take action now,

  • You and Your entire family will benefit, for decades
  • You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get your money back.
  • You are receiving a fantastic value.

To download “How to Become a Golden Goose”
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And you have yourself completely covered by our risk free, 30 day, 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by deciding and claiming your copy of “How to Become a Golden Goose” and benefiting immediately.

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