About the Golden Goose Group

All of us are looking for the answers, the right path, the short cuts.

Sharing these answers and sharing this right path is what the Golden Goose Group is all about.

Sharing these secrets is the Golden Goose Group Mission.

denzer-profileThe Golden Goose Group was founded by Richard Denzer, an architect that has worked with the Wealthy and Successful for his entire career and the majority of his childhood. He was a lucky one, and in his childhood was able to be exposed to the most successful international businessmen of the US and the Far East experiencing the Far East economic explosion of the sixties and seventies.

In his own career in architecture Denzer designed and built over $7 billion worth of projects around the world. Of course, all of these projects have wealthy and successful people involved (who else spends that kind of money) and it was here that the lessons of his childhood were punctuated in his own car.

In short, the early lessons of these highly successful and very wealthy and sometimes powerful people were confirmed.

And guess what, each one of these successful and wealthy people had the traits of the Golden Goose. And all of them own Golden Geese on top of being a Golden Goose themselves.

Oh, but there is more . . . . . . .a personal story from Mr. Denzer.

The Great Big Lesson

Of course, that short synopsis of my career does not tell the whole story, as every career has good and bad. The whole story is bit much, however we are going to include “The Great Big Lesson.” This lesson tells the story of ignoring key indicators in life and in business. It’s a painful one, but one worth sharing.

This Real Lesson came with the Great Recession. Before this last economic downfall (disaster) all was good we had, lots of architecture business even in my favorite sector golf!

It was going so well we began to develop projects and found an unbelievable opportunity to build an ocean front golf community in the vacation zone (perfect weather) of Panama, just 45 minutes north from the Panama Canal.

Panama was booming . . . and everything looked perfect.

I took my team along, with my Golden Goose skills and obtained one of the most stunning ocean front golf sites, 600 acres providing for 1,000 residential units, all with golf and ocean views. The entry road was even on Pacific Coast Highway. We had it made.

There Was One Problem.


Yes, Timing.

It was 2006 and the economic expansion was coming to a frenzied height and something was very wrong. All of a sudden, the steady stream of work stateside was coming to an end. Money was tight. Transferring Money Internationally, was becoming very difficult.

Well, in our financial plan for our development we did not anticipate an economic, downturn or delay of this magnitude.

And we got killed. We were all in and had no where go, but out.

Well, once the dust settled I looked back and picked up my professional body parts and I could see my glaring error. Timing, Timing, Timing.

As attractive as the development opportunity was, the Timing was just terrible. We knew the economic expansion was coming to an end. However, we just didn’t want to believe it. Sure, we didn’t anticipate it being a disaster of this magnitude, no one did…

…but the real Golden Geese were ready.

So, hear I was, punished from a lost development, a sour economy and a bleak economic outlook. And guess who was profiting, my Golden Goose friends. They were prepared for this event and when it occurred, they waited and waited and waited until the recession hit the very bottom, and they bought and bought some more.


Then Sold – Instant Profit.

It was so ripe Warren Buffet made his largest purchases in 10 years. Giant buys and made billions!. And so did many others.

Well, the Big Lesson was learned. Pretty obvious. What happens after a large economic expansion, a large economic recession.

With that exception, all of the elements for a tremendous golf development were there . . . except timing.

In short, our golf development had to overcome a recession that had yet to arrive, but was coming, it was going to occur. And no development can overcome a economic downturn, storm, rain delay, recession, whatever you want to call it.

So, what’s the lesson here? 

Ignoring the obvious is costly. Don’t do that. 

This and many more lessons are the lessons of the Golden Goose, with this lesson, I really learned my lesson. I hope it helps you too.